Climate change and invasive alien species

Finland’s Biodiversity Action Plan comprises six actions for climate change and invasive alien species (action 29–34). All actions for climate change are still in progress; three need a boost and two are proceeding according to plan.

The National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change and the action plan applying this strategy to the environmental administration have been revised. For example, the plan includes as actions the assessment of the sensitivity of protected areas to climate change, the preservation of ecological connectivity on commercial land, and the preservation of carbon sinks in peatlands (action 29; needs a boost).

The sensitivity of species and habitats to climate change is being examined in a project with regard to protected areas (action 30; on track to completion).

Ex situ conservation has been developed in the Life + project, by virtue of which a Finnish seed bank of threatened plants was founded (action 31; on track to completion).

Restoration of carbon sinks and its consequences for biodiversity have been or are being investigated in three research projects. An action plan with concrete measures for restoring carbon sinks has not yet been made (action 32; needs a boost).

The consequences of bioenergy and wind power for biodiversity have been investigated, and regarding bioenergy the recommendations have been revised (action 33; needs a boost).

The control of invasive alien species is considered to have become an established action. During the action plan period, a portal for invasive alien species has been launched, the EU Regulation on Invasive Alien Species has come into force, and a monitoring system has been created for these species (action 34; established practice).