Cooperation in environmental education

4) Cooperation related to multifaceted environmental education on biodiversity will be developed, for instance, between the administration, research institutions, educational institutions, centres for economic development, transport and the environment (ELY Centres), natural history museums, Metsähallitus Visitor Centres and non-governmental organisations. Additional, practical cooperation projects will be implemented and the results gained from them will be monitored. More effective measures for enhancing awareness of biodiversity in various target groups will be jointly identified.

Responsible institutions: Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of the Environment

Schedule: 2013–2020

Status in 2018: A working group set by the Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Education and Culture published a report in the spring of 2015 with the aim of organising the advancement of environmental education and of environmental awareness in Finland and recognising needs for development in environmental education. The ministries support environmental education work, child and youth organisations involved in environmental education as well as cultural environmental education in their respective fields of government. In the spring of 2018, the Ministry of Education and Culture is about to commence its work on implementing the Agenda2030 Sustainable Development Goals in its administrative sector.

The Specialist Qualification in Sustainability and Environmental Technology includes an optional specialisation in environmental education. Graduates of this specialisation are trained in the integration of environmental aspects and sustainable development into various educational activities.

The network for nature, environment and sustainable lifestyle education (LYKE-network) brings together actors in the field of environmental education and supports schools and other actors, for example, by providing the MAPPA information service which includes support materials for sustainable development and environmental education. The Ministry of Education and Culture, and the Finnish National Agency for Education are represented in the steering committee of the LYKE-network. In 2017, the first major outdoor learning event Ulos-Ut-Out! was organised by the third sector.

During the latest action plan period, the scarcity of funds has limited the educational services offered by the Finnish Museum of Natural History and Parks & Wildlife Finland (Metsähallitus). With respect to these institutions, the trend on environmental education has been rather downwards. Similarly, several other actors such as major cities, recognise the need for environmental education, but are unfortunately unable to meet the current demand.

Further information: The MAPPA information service - supporting material for sustainable development and environmental education

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