Finland’s Biodiversity Action Plan comprises five actions for financing (actions 5 and 7–10). By the end of 2018, two of these actions were considered to have been completed or they had become established practice. Three actions were uncompleted.

Subsidies harmful to biodiversity were identified in 2015, but after this their critical examination has proceeded only a little. However, the scale of harmful subsidies was published in the budget for sustainable development as a part of the government's overall budget proposal  (action 5; needs a boost).

Cooperation with the private and the third sector has been established in order to devise new funding and operating models to conserve biodiversity. This has proceeded well, and especially the biodiversity training of businesses has become an established annual action (action 7; established practice).

The preparation of EU programmes for biodiversity concerned mainly the programme period 2014–2020. By 2014, the Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland was prepared, and this includes several actions aiming for the protection of biodiversity. However, the national allocation of other EU subsidies for biodiversity was not completed to its full potential (action 8; needs a boost).

Agri-environmental support is outlined in the Rural Development Programme, which contains both area-based compensations as well as funding for investments and projects (action 9; action completed).

Compensations for predator damage have continued to be paid almost in full. A legislative proposal has been initiated to compensate also for damages caused by species protected under the Nature Conservation Act (action 10; on track to completion).