Finland’s Biodiversity Action Plan comprises three actions for legislation (actions 11–13). By the end of 2018, the implementation of these actions was proceeding well: two were proceeding according to schedule and one had been completed.

Legislation on biodiversity has been developed in many ways. By virtue of two partial renewals of the Nature Conservation Act, some additional parts of the EU nature conservation legislation have been now implemented, and the exemption procedure of species protection has been simplified. The Environmental Conservation Act from 2014 includes some amendments to better acknowledge biodiversity (action 11; on track to completion).

The preconditions for investigating environmental offences have been improved, as Finland devised its first Environmental Security Strategic Plan in 2015 (action 12; completed).

In the past few years, several research projects have focused on ecological compensation. For example, these projects have identified the essential concepts of compensation, the possibilities for changes in legislation, and the use of habitat banks in the implementation of compensations (action 13; on track to completion).