Development of legislation

11) Legislation on the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity will be developed to respond to the challenges posed by the loss of biodiversity, and to ensure the full-scale national implementation of EU regulations on nature conservation.

  • Enhance the efficiency, functionality and productivity of nature conservation, by assessing the adequacy of the range of goals and measures provided under the Nature Conservation Act, and by preparing the necessary amendments to the Act.
  • Prepare further specifications for nature conservation legislation, to ensure the implementation of EU nature conservation legislation. Expand such a review to cover the protection of genetic resources.
  • Take the conservation of biodiversity into account when preparing and reforming legislation that guides the use of natural resources and land areas.
  • Examine the possibilities for relaxing the exemption procedures related to the protection of species.
Responsible institutions: Ministry of the Environment, other ministries

Schedule: 2013–2020

Status in 2018: A partial renewal of the Nature Conservation Act came into force in February 2015. Through this renewal, some additional parts of the EU nature conservation legislation were implemented as these had been missing in the previous Act. Another partial renewal simplifying the exemption procedure of species protection came into force in January 2016.

In 2018, a Government Proposal on the amendment of the Nature Conservation Act was given to the Parliament as a part of the legislative proposal on the Health, Social Services and Regional Government Reform. The advancement tasks of nature conservation would be assigned to the new-founded regional administrations. Licensing and supervision tasks of the Nature Conservation Act would be assigned to the new-founded National Supervisory Authorities (LUOVA).

The new Environmental Conservation Act came into force in June 2014. In contrast to the previous Act, the new law contains §8 which stipulates that natural values should be considered in the environmental permit procedures on deliberating new peat extraction areas.

Further information: Legislation safeguarding biodiversity at the website of the Ministry of the Environment