Environmental offences

12) Examine the possibilities of improving the operational preconditions of the police and prosecutors, with respect to environmental offences.

Responsible institutions: Ministry of the Interior

Schedule: 2013–2015

Status in 2018: A new strategy and action plan for the prevention of environmental offences for 2015–2016 was published in the spring of 2015. The implementation of the plan was evaluated, and a new action plan was written for 2017–2018. The work is coordinated by the National Execution Group on Environmental Crime Prevention whose term covers 2015–2018. At the moment, a new action plan is being prepared for 2019–2020, and the continuation of the National Execution Group is being considered.

As a result, regional Inter-Authority Cooperation Groups have been established. These groups meet regularly, exchange practices and organise educational events. Starting from 2017, a National Educational Programme on Environmental Crime has been organised. Seminars of this programme have addressed various types of environmental crimes and the operating models related to these.

An amendment to the Criminal Law recognising a gross environmental offence came into force on the 1st of January 2016.