Deficiently known species

44) Continue the Research Programme of Deficiently Known and Threatened Forest Species (PUTTE). Compile identification guides on Finland’s key groups of species. Engage in cooperation related to species, knowledge of them and their classification with, among others, Sweden’s Svenska artprojektet project.

Responsible institutions: Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Education and Culture

Schedule: 2013–2020

Status in 2018: The Research Programme of Deficiently Known and Threatened Forest Species (PUTTE) was running in 2003–2016. During these years, almost 2 000 species new to Finland were found, and of these over 500 were new to science altogether. A majority of these were dipterans or basidomycetes, lichens and arachnids. In addition, thanks to the information gathered in the project, approximately 5 000 new species have been included in the assessment of threatened species.

As a result of the PUTTE project, 16 new identification books have been published, for example on heteropterans, microlichens, hoverflies and the larvae of noctuids. The popular scientific book The Secret Life of the Forest, published in the end of the project, received the State Award for Public Information in 2017.

Further information: Research programme of deficiently known and threatened forest species 2009-2016 (PUTTE)