Green economy research

41) Initiate the research programme, included in the Government Programme, aimed at assessing the financial impact of biodiversity and ecosystem services, as part of the green economy research entity.

Responsible institutions: Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Ministry of Education and Culture

Schedule: 2013–2015

Status in 2018: The national assessment of the Economics of Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity (TEEB for Finland) was completed in January 2015. The project generated a preliminary assessment of the current state and future development of the ecosystem services in Finland, and their importance for improving green economy. In addition, actions to better integrate ecosystem services as a part of decision-making were proposed in order to secure the natural capital and ecosystem services. The project also identified the required actions for the future.

Finland has developed the accounting of ecosystem services in 2017–2018 thanks to the Eurostat Grants. So far, the project has continued the collaboration on the EU level and has improved the preconditions for implementing the accounting of ecosystem services in the exemplary projects dealing with the carbon cycle, fishing and recreational nature-based tourism. The work will continue in 2019 thanks to a follow-up Eurostat Grant

Further information: Jäppinen, J.-P., & Heliölä, J. (toim.) 2015. Towards A Sustainable and Genuinely Green Economy. The value and social significance of ecosystem services in Finland (TEEB for Finland). The Finnish Environment 1/2015