Planning and land use

Finland’s Biodiversity Action Plan comprises three actions for planning and land use (actions 14–16). By the end of 2018, the implementation of these actions was still in progress, although mainly proceeding according to schedule.

In 2017, the Finnish Environment Institute published a report on the application of the concept of green and blue infrastructure in Finland. The consideration of green and blue infrastructure has been applied to some regional land use plans, but this approach has not been applied more generally yet (action 14; needs a boost).

The Act on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Procedure was renewed in 2017. The renewal is expected to improve the effectivity of the Act, as for example the role of supervisory authorities has been emphasised in the evaluation of the effectivity and coverage of EIAs. More information on sea areas, especially underwater nature, has been gathered to support EIAs (action 15; on track to completion).

The Akwé: Kon guidelines on land use and other environmental administration in native regions have been applied when planning the use and maintenance of wilderness areas and nature conservation areas in the Sámi homeland. This activity is being expanded also to commercial areas (action 16; on track to completion).