Akwé: Kon Guidelines

16) Apply the voluntary Akwé: Kon Guidelines, adopted by COP-9 of the Convention, to land use planning and guidance on planning in the Sámi Homeland, and take these instructions into account in legislative reforms regarding guidance on land use.

Responsible institutions: Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Sámi Parliament

Schedule: 2013–2020


Status in 2018: Metsähallitus has created a permanent model of the application of the Akwé: Kon Guidelines which is being used in the drafting of management and land use plans for wilderness and nature conservation areas as well as of natural resource use plans. The national expert group on Article 8(j) has found the experiences of applying the Akwé: Kon Guidelines in the Management and Land Use Plan of the Hammastunturi Wilderness Area encouraging. In 2014 the Akwé: Kon Guidelines were also used in planning the management of the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve and Urho Kekkonen National Park.

The Akwé: Kon Guidelines have, for the first time, been applied in the field of Metsähallitus' business operations. Their application is also being prepared in the operations of the ELY Centre of Lapland.


Further information: Application of the Akwé: Kon Guidelines in the Management and Land Use Plan of Hammastunturi Wilderness Area . Final report. Metsähallitus. https://julkaisut.metsa.fi/assets/pdf/lp/Muut/AkweKonraportti2013.pdf