Regional and local reservations

20) Assess the need for implementation of protected areas that have been designated in regional land use plans and municipalities’ master plans, but that have not been included in the conservation programmes under the Natura 2000 network, but have been reserved for implementation by the state (SL, SU1). Additionally, assess the order of priority and need for land use and management planning of these areas. Implement the required protection measures.
Responsible institutions: Ministry of the Environment

Schedule: 2013–2020

Status in 2018: The implementation phase of accepted regional land use plans and municipal masterplans varies according to ELY centres. The ELY centres have had different resources for assessing the implementation status of the areas designated for protection. The areas reserved for protection have been handled in priority order according to the pressures for use, the desires of the land-owners or the notable nature values of the area. The Ministry for the Environment will investigate the national situation in 2018–2019. According to the current information available, there are 9 000 hectares of land of the old land use plans that have not yet been conserved. In addition, in the new land use plans of North Ostrobothnia and Central Finland there is about 24 000 hectares of land reserved for conservation, and the conservation of prioritised sites have begun.