Recreation and tourism

Finland’s Biodiversity Action Plan comprises four actions for recreation and tourism (actions 35–38). By the end of 2018, their phase of implementation was the most incomplete among the themes of the Biodiversity Action Plan: although the implementation of two actions was proceeding according to schedule, the implementation of the two other actions had not even started.

Sustainable nature-based tourism has mainly been developed through the Tourism 4.0 Action Programme, in which four million euros are being allocated to the improvement measures of nature-based tourism administered by Parks and Wildlife Finland. In addition, the action programme includes education on sustainable tourism for corporations in the tourism sector (action 35; on track to completion).

Updating the Off-Road Traffic Act has not yet started (action 36; delayed).

The sustainability of tourism should be enhanced by land use planning, but so far the implementation of the action of sustainable nature-based tourism has not yet started (action 37; delayed).

Starting from 2013, one of the most noticeable actions for enhancing an active relationship to nature has been the Finnish Nature Day, which also was an official Flag Day for the first time in 2017. In addition, information on the consequences of nature for health and well-being has increased in several research projects and practical tests (action 38; on track to completion).