Threatened habitats and species

Finland’s Biodiversity Action Plan comprises seven actions for threatened habitats and species (actions 22–28). By the end of 2018, the implementation of all actions had proceeded, and some actions had been completed or they had become established practice. However, the practical implementation of several actions is still incomplete.

The implementation of the action plan for habitat type protection has proceeded, although there is still room for improvement in the implementation of actions for legislation, administration, and land use planning.  A proposal to improve the state of habitats and answering to the Aichi Biodiversity Target 15 was completed in 2015. Habitat-specific working groups administer the restauration and management of habitats. The latest assessment on threatened habitats was completed at the end of 2018 (action 22; needs a boost)

Information on threatened species is being continuously updated in different organisations. The fifth Red List of Finnish Species will be completed in the spring of 2019. However, the inventories have not had enough with resources, and the exchange of species data among actors has not yet been solved (action 23; needs a boost).

The action plan for species protection was completed in 2017, and some proposals listed here have started to be implemented. The conservation actions of species requiring urgent protection measures have been regionally agreed upon in 2012–2017. The prioritisation of actions is to be continued based on the new Red List of 2019 (action 24; established practice).

The operating model Threatened Species in Forestry has become an established practice, and the exchange and accessibility of information on species distribution has improved. Forest certification supports the application of the operating model (action 25; established practice).

A preliminary investigation of Finnish species hot spots was completed in 2016. The results and exemplary maps are included in the action plan for species protection (action 26; completed)

The protection of endemic taxa has proceeded. For example, the habitats of plants in the Primula nutans group have been managed, and the state of Saimaa ringed (Pusa hispida saimensis) seal has improved thanks to protection actions (action 27; on track to completion).

Management plans for threatened game species have been drafted. These plans aim to keep the populations viable (action 28; on track to completion)