Action plan for habitat type protection

22) Implement the action plan to improve the status of threatened habitat types, drawn up in cooperation between various administrative sectors and stakeholders.

  1. Improve the knowledge base used for targeting the conservation, management, restoration, research and monitoring of habitats.
  2. Increase general knowledge of the importance of habitat types to Finland’s biodiversity.
  3. Add detail to the overall picture of the threatened status of forest habitats.
Responsible institutions: Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Education and Culture, the Sámi Parliament

Schedule: 2013–2020

Status in 2018: An action plan for habitat type protection was completed in 2011. The Finnish Environment Institute published an interim report on the implementation of the action plan: by the end of 2014, 2 actions out of 50 had been completed, 19 had been partially finished, 22 had started to be implemented and 7 had not started to be implemented. Especially the actions for legislation, administration, and land use planning were considered to have been implemented poorly.

After 2014, several things have been improved. The SAKTI information system of the environmental administration has been taken into use. It improves the usability of habitat type data of protected areas within the whole administrational sector. However, information systems are still lacking that would offer, for example, municipalities information on habitat types outside of the protected areas. The management and legislation of invasive alien species have been clarified further. Numerous research projects have started to investigate the usability of ecological compensation in reducing the detrimental effects of projects harmful to habitat types. Metsähallitus has surveyed habitat types in protected areas.

The Finnish Environment Institute reported on the current state and the needed actions of habitat type protection in 2013. The working group on improving the status of habitats in Finland (ELITE) published its report on the current state and the needed actions of habitat type protection in 2013. The final report of the ELITE working group on improving the status of habitats was published in the autumn of 2015. The subgroups Forest ELO, Traditional rural habitat ELO, and Peatland ELO of the working group on restauration and nature management (ELO) founded in 2004 are collecting and presenting research-based information on the protection, management and restauration of habitat types.

The Ministry of the Environment, the Finnish Environment Institute, Kuntaliitto, and the regional administration of Åland conducted a communications campaign for Finnish municipalities and regions in 2011–2012. In addition, other projects have communicated on the significance of habitat types.

The second Finnish assessment of threatened habitat types was published in December 2018. The assessment followed the Red List of Ecosystems criteria issued by the IUCN, in which also the Finnish Environment Institute has participated. The assessment of habitat types changed a little compared with the previous assessment from 2008. For example, the number of forest habitat types was reduced by combining previous types.

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Assessment of threatened habitat types in Finland at the joint website of Finland's enviromental administration