Action plan for species protection

24) In cooperation with other actors, prepare and implement an Action plan for species protection, with schedules, that defines the focus areas, resource targets and prioritisations of actions, and the division of duties between various actors. Launch species protection activities in the correct order of urgency, and harmonise management of the scope of duties, through recommendations and operating instructions.

Responsible institutions: Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Schedule: 2013–2015

Status in 2018: The action plan for species protection was prepared in a broad-based working group, and it was completed in 2017. The action plan comprises 46 proposals, of which several are interdisciplinary and require establishing new practices in the long run. The implementation of some proposals has begun, such as the assessment of needed improvements in species data management (proposal 2).

Based on the fourth Finnish assessment of threatened species from 2010, 569 species were considered to be urgently protected. These protection actions are to be implemented in the next five years. The species were chosen as a part of the species protection planning in 2011. The protection, management, and monitoring of urgently protected species have been agreed upon in regional prioritisation negotiations together with the ELY centres, Metsähallitus and species-specific working groups in 2012–2017. The negotiations included 513 species present in Mainland Finland and 11 500 observations. A summary of these negotiations and their results was completed in the end of 2017. The implementation of actions agreed upon in the negotiations has begun.  

The list of urgently protected species is to be updated based on the Red List published in 2019, and the negotiations on prioritising actions are to be continued.

Further information: Species protection at the joint website of Finland's environmental administration