The Baltic Sea and the coast

Finland’s Biodiversity Action Plan comprises two actions for the Baltic Sea and the coast (actions 68–69). By the end of 2018, the phase of implementation was good: the action for the protection of the Baltic Sea was considered to have become established practice while the inventory of underwater habitats had been completed.

The Baltic Sea Protection Programme changed into the Maritime Spatial plan of Finland, but the content of the actions remained more or less the same. During the period 1997–2016, the loading of phosphorus from Finnish rivers to the Baltic Sea was reduced, but the load of nitrogen increased. Although both the national and HELCOM action plans have been implemented well, additional actions are needed to achieve a favourable state of the Baltic Sea (action 68; established practice). 

The first phase of the inventory of underwater marine environment has been completed. Data gathered in the project is freely available in a public web service. The protected marine areas cover almost 10% of the Finnish sea area, but the effectiveness of protection is still to be improved (action 69; completed).