National Forest Programme

46) Implement measures included in the National Forest Programme (NFP), and evaluate and revise the programme insofar as necessary.

  • In order to support the multiple use of forests, their management should be diversified by modifying the following: regulations, forest management recommendations, forest planning and the related advisory services and training.
  • Develop the application of nature management methods in commercially managed forests, through a number of measures such as revising the funding system and forest management recommendations, overhauling guidelines, and training forest owners and forest-sector operators.
  • Allocate environmental subsidies to forestry effectively with respect to safeguarding biodiversity.
Responsible institutions: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of the Environment

Schedule: 2013–2020


Status in 2018: The implementation of the National Forest Programme (NFP) has ended. The NFP was evaluated in 2013. The National Forest Strategy 2025 (NFS 2025) serves as the new national forest programme.

The National Forest Strategy 2025 is being implemented through strategic projects. For example, nature conservation in commercial forests is being integrated into conventional forestry in the Monimetsä project. The project has devised and tested operating models that would make the application of recommended methods in nature conservation more common. The monitoring of the quality nature management will be developed in a project that started in 2018.

The forest legislation and the recommendations on forest management have been revised. Among other things, the revised Forest Act allows uneven-aged forestry and the revised guide Best Practices for Sustainable Forest Management offers instructions on how to implement this in practice. Additionally, a guide on nature conservation in commercial forests has been published. The Act on the Financing of Sustainable Forestry was revised in 2015. The preparation of the incentive system for the new financial period starting in 2020 has been commenced. In the preparatory work, nature conservation has been integrated even more into every-day forestry.

Project-based activities are being developed, for example through the METSO programme. In the METSO projects, game management and the management of commercial groves have been improved. Furthermore, instructions on the restoration of forest ditches in the vicinity of protected and dried peatlands have been devised in the Hydrology Life project.

Allocation of the environmental aid in forestry is done continuously as a part of normal activities. The total amount of funding for environmental aid and nature conservation issued by the Finnish Forest Centre has decreased from over 10 million euros in 2010 and 2011 to 3-4 million euros in recent years (Figure). The Finnish Forest Centre has devised a plan for the priorisation of receivers.

The National Forest Strategy was revised in 2018. The revised Strategy is to be published as a principal decision of the Finnish Government in the beginning of 2019. A balanced consideration of sustainable aspects is emphasised in the revision. The aspect of nature conservation has been integrated into the revised Nature Conservation and Biodiversity in Commercial Forests project and also to other actions. 

Figure. The funding for environmental aid and nature conservation issued by the Finnish Forest Centre 2008–2017 (million euros).


Further information: The National Forest Strategy 2025 at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

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