State-owned commercial forests

48) Safeguard and take biodiversity and ecosystem services into account in state-owned, commercially managed forests, in accordance with the environmental guide of Metsähallitus.

Responsible institutions: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry


Schedule: 2013–2020


Status in 2018: The revised Metsähallitus Environmental Guide for Forestry was published in 2018.  Compared with the previous guide published in 2011, the biggest change in terms of biodiversity was stopping the collection of dead wood.

Logging in state-owned commercial forests increased by a third in 2005–2010, but after that it has remained at a stable annual level of about six million cubic meters. The annual growth of state-owned commercial forests is estimated to be 11 million cubic meters (Figure).

The protection area network has been improved on state-owned land through the METSO programme. The monitoring of possible protection areas done by Metsähallitus was completed in 2014, and over 13 000 hectares of commercial forest was protected. This was the biggest single protection decision of the METSO programme.


Figure. The annual growth and logging of state-owned commercial forests 2005–2017.

Further information: An English summary leaflet of the Metsähallitus Environmental Guide for Forestry