State-owned recreational forests

49) Pay attention to biodiversity values and the ecosystem services of state-owned recreational areas and research forests, for instance, in connection with the METSO action plan.

Responsible institutions: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of the Environment

Schedule: 2013–2015


Status in 2018: Logging in state-owned recreational areas is limited, and nature values and the needs for recreation are considered. In 2018, Metsähallitus decided to only perform cover forestry in state-owned recreational areas in the future.

During the latest action plan period, two national hiking areas have been turned into national parks, the Teijo Hiking Area in 2015 and the Hossa Hiking Area in 2017. After this, there are five original hiking areas founded by virtue of the Outdoor Recreation Act, and in addition to these, Metsähallitus has by its own decision founded two new hiking areas: the Arctic Circle Hiking Area and the Inari Hiking Area

Further information: National hiking areas at the website

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