Finland’s Biodiversity Action Plan comprises two actions for geoformations (actions 62 and 63). The implementation of these actions was still in progress at the end of 2018.

Legislative development of the sustainable use of mineral resources has been achieved with respect to sea use planning. By the end of 2021, the maritime spatial plans should consider the extraction of sea sand and mineral resources from the seafloor. In terms of biodiversity, the development of the Mining Act and the Land Extraction Act has not proceeded (action 62; needs a boost).

Information on geological formations has increased as the data from the last area of the national rock inventory was published in 2015. After this, the inventories of boulder fields have been conducted, and the results will be published in 2019. The results of the inventories are considered to a variable extent in land use planning, but in Environmental Impact Assessments they provide essential background information. The information systems of rock and soil resources have developed (action 63; on track to completion).