Action plan for wetlands

53) Develop and implement an action plan for wetlands in Finland.

  1. Prepare an extensive wetland Life project 2014–2019.
  2. Restore other areas included in the Waterfowl Habitats Conservation Programme, in accordance with the agreed order of priority, maintain the results achieved and monitor the impacts of remedial action. Restore former peat fields into wetlands, restore former wetlands and create new ones.
  3. Implement the decisions of Ramsar, the international Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, especially with respect to waterfowl habitats and the objectives of the strategic plan (2009–2015). This will be done by establishing a national working group for wetlands, completing the list of Ramsar sites, updating the required inventory data, enhancing surveys of ecosystem services and the guidance on the management and use of such services, and enhancing communications (Ramsar Convention’s Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness Programm [CEPA]).
  4. Examine the possibility of phasing in the start of hunting seasons, by time and location in ways that benefit both game management and biodiversity.
  5. In cooperation with landowners, specify methods of waterfowl habitat conservation so as to enable landowners to promote the conservation of waterfowl habitats based on the greatest possible ecological diversity, and to enhance the sustainable use of game waterfowl populations.

Responsible institutions: Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Schedule: 2013–2020




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