Knowledge on urban biodiversity

80) Slow down the loss of biodiversity in urban and built up areas by increasing knowledge of the subject and developing the related land use planning, so as to take into account the conservation of biodiversity.

  1. Encourage municipalities to evaluate unbuilt areas — significant in terms of biodiversity in urban and built up environments — and the threats they face, and to develop methods of measuring changes in them.
  2. Promote the protection and restoration of areas important to conserving biodiversity and the corridors between them in urban environments, and in connection with the surrounding populated and viable rural areas.
  3. Develop the principles and methods of planning and managing urban and built up environments, from the perspective of biodiversity conservation.
  4. Promote catchment basin-specific storm water programmes in urban and built up areas in order to reduce storm water volumes and enable their natural management (e.g. storm water wetlands) and to promote biodiversity. Ensure continuity of research related to storm water.

Responsible institutions Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Schedule: 2013–2020





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