Barents Region protected areas

103) Implement the project for the Barents Region protected area network (BPAN; 2011–2013), in order to establish a functioning network of protected areas in the region and to implement the CBD’s Programme of Work on Protected Areas. Information produced in the project will also support research into the impacts of climate change.

Responsible institutions: Ministry of the Environment

Schedule: 2013

Status in 2018: As a result of the first phase of the Barents Region protected area network (BPAN), recommendations for strengthening the protected area network, the assessment of the BPAN using the UN Programme of Work on Protected Areas, and the assessment of the representativity of the network were generated.

In the second phase of the BPAN (2015–2017), the results of the first phase were complemented with data from coastal areas, and a summary of valuable areas and old forest was done. Norway, Sweden and Russia have participated in the BPAN Project coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute.  Although the projects ended in 2017, the conservation work in the Barents Region will continue in other ways.

Further information: Expert services for the development of the protected area network in the Barents Region (BPAN), phase II

Kuhmonen, A., Mikkola, J., Storrank, B. & Lindholm, T. (toim.) 2017. Protected areas and high conservation value forests in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region – Sweden, Finland, and Russia. Reports of the Finnish Environment Institute 33|2017. 164 s.