Development cooperation

101) In development cooperation, Finland takes into account the goals and obligations of the Convention on Biological Diversity and other international biodiversity agreements. Viewpoints concerning biodiversity and ecosystem services will be highlighted in bilateral relations with developing countries, encompassing development cooperation projects and political influence.

Responsible institutions: Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Schedule: 2013–2020

Status in 2018: Environmental impacts, including the impacts on biodiversity, are considered in the preparatory procedure and related statements of expertise of Finnish development cooperation projects. The department of development cooperation at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Embassies of major partner countries have employed special civil servants emphasising environmental aspects in development cooperation and in the political dialogue.

Budget cuts in development cooperation in 2015 substantially lowered the level of Finnish biodiversity funding. In 2017, the amount of development aid classified as biodiversity funding decreased by a third from the level in 2011 (see figure).

Figure 1. The Finnish development aid for biodiversity in 2008–2017.