International contractual negotiations

99) Finland will actively participate in international contractual negotiations related to biodiversity and negotiations promoting their synergies, taking into account the position and special needs of developing countries in implementing agreements and negotiating agreements. A network of contact persons for biodiversity agreements will be established to support the implementation of the action plan and international efforts to harmonise functions under the agreements.

Finland will participate in the activities of the Intergovernmental Science–Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). Finland will examine national needs and measures related to IPBES, the organisation of work at home, and Finland’s support for the international IPBES.

Responsible institutions: Ministry of the Environment, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Schedule: 2013–2020

Status in 2018: The network of the national contact persons of different conventions on biodiversity has continued its work. An expertise group on international issues was instated in June 2017.

In 2015–2017, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs funded  the international efforts to enhance synergies between the different glovbal biodiversity conventions with 200 000 euros. Thanks to the funds, a plan was generated to implement the recommendations of the expert group on both national and international level. The economic and professional support of Finland have played a key role in the advancement of the work. In 2013–2015, Finland has supported the Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity with special funds to consider and strengthen gender equality. By virtue of the support, a gender expert was employed by the Secretary and a Gender Plan of Action was prepared.

In 2015, a report on the needs and activities of the IPBES in Finland was completed, and a national IPBES subpanel was instated. Finland has participated in the work of the IPBES and has prepared proposal through the national panel. Finnish experts have participated in the assessments of the IPBES. The national panel submitted proposals to the second action plan of IPBES of 2018. The Finnish panel will be reinstated at the end of 2018.  

Further information: Nature Panel (the Finnish national IPBES panel)