Finland’s Biodiversity Action Plan comprises two actions for monitoring (actions 6 and 105). Both actions have been considered to have turned into established practice.

Monitoring the state of biodiversity has been improved, for example, thanks to a reference framework for ecosystem service indicatora as well as preliminary indicators. In addition, the monitoring website of Finland’s Biodiversity Action Plan launched in 2016 has improved the indicator-based monitoring of the actions for protecting biodiversity. However, the resources for monitoring biodiversity have been reduced and the indicators for biodiversity have not been updated as planned (action 6; established practice).

The indicator-based monitoring of the National Biodiversity Action Plan has continued and the Biodiversity Working Group instated by the Ministry of the Environment uses the indicators for monitoring the state of biodiversity. The interim assessment of Finland’s Biodiversity Action Plan and Strategy was completed in the beginning of 2016 and Finland has extensively reported on the trends and actions for the protection of biodiversity to the Convention of Biological Diversity (action 105; established practice).