Restoration and nature management

Finland’s Biodiversity Action Plan comprises two actions for restoration and nature management (action 82 and 83). At the end of 2018, both were proceeding according to schedule.

The restoration of degraded ecosystems is an extensive action in the implementation of which the report of the ELITE working group published  in 2015 and the ELO working groups founded after this hold a key role. The objectives and criteria for restoration have been extensively investigated and the focusing of restorative actions has been sharpened using the Zonation Programme. In practice, approximately 13 800 hectares of forests and mires have been restored in both state-owned and private protected areas in 2010-2018. Another 5 000 hectares of tree-covered traditional rural biotopes has been managed (action 82; on track to completion).

The knowledge of the carbon balance in mires has increased thanks to numerous research projects. The most reasonable re-use of low-productive drained peatlands has been investigated considering both biodiversity and climate change. The impacts of different logging strategies on the carbon dynamics of peatland forests has also been studied (action 83; proceeding according to plan).