Baltic Sea

The total area fo the Baltic Sea is 422 000 km2 out of which Finland's exlusive economic zone (EEZ) covers 82 000 km2. The length of Finland's shoreline is approximately 46 000 km. Because of challenging brackish conditions the number species living in the Finnish marine area is quite small.

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From the point of ecosystem services the most import aspect of the Baltic Sea environment is water quality. As a relatively small, shallow and isolated sea the Baltic Sea is especially vulnerable to eutrophication and other forms pollution. Clean sea water benefits several other ecosystem services ranging from fish populations to many cultural services such as recreation and landscape.


Clean water
Fish and crayfish
Reared animals
Genetic material

Water filtration
Carbon cycle
Nutrient retention
Mediation of waste and toxins
Nursery habitats

Nature tourism
Nature-related heritage
Arts and popular culture
Science and education



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