Inland waters

Inland waters are the fourth most extensive habitat type in Finland. The total area of all lakes, rivers and small surface waters is 3.4 million hectares, which corresponds to 8% of the total area of the country. Inland waters are relatively species-rich habitats, especially if compared with the Baltic Sea. They are the primary habitat of 6% of the total number of well-known species.

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With 56 000 lakes of at least one hectare in size, inland waters are especially important in terms of cultural services. The lakeside landscape is an elemental part of Finnsh cultural heritage and the location of recreation for a substantial part of the population.


Clean water
Fish and crayfish
Reared animals
Genetic material

Water filtration
Carbon cycle
Nutrient retention
Mediation of waste and toxins
Nursery habitats

Nature tourism
Nature-related heritage
Arts and popular culture
Science and education



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