Broad-based cooperation

As a theme, ecosystem services cuts through the human society as well as the natural world. Therefore understanding and measuring ecosystem services requires cooperation between different sciences and fields of administration.

The development of the collection of Finnish ecosystem service indicators has been orverseen by a steering group consisting of:

Mikko Kuusinen (chair) Ministry of the Environment
Jukka Hoffrén Statistics Finland
Laura Höijer Ministry of the Environment
Elina Nikkola Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Ulla Rosenström Prime Minister's Office
Lauri Taro Ministry of Finance
Päivi Tikka Council of Finnish Academies
Sirpa Thessler Finnish Partnership for Research on Natural
Resources and the Environment (LYNET)


Development work is carried out the Finnish Environment Institute. Other institutes that have taken part in the work include Natural Resources Institute Finland, Pellervo Economic Research (PTT) and University of Eastern Finland.

Habitat-wise expert groups support the development of indicators, see

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