Value of arts and popular culture


Direct economic value of nature related arts and popular culture origins from the price of the artworks. There is also a variety of indirect economic value related to arts such as decrease of health care costs.


Social value of nature related arts and popular culture arises, on a large scale, from the development and maintenance of cultural identity and continuity. Arts and popular culture also create income for artists and thus provide employment which can be seen as a social value.


Arts enhance self-reflection, sense of meaning and relevance, and may alter thinking patterns and behavior. They help people to express and confront emotions in difficult situations and give opportunities to strengthen identity and feeling of continuity in social and environmental terms.


Arts have a wide spectrum of positive health impacts which are presented in the benefit indicator of arts and popular culture. 


Stuckey, H. L. & Nobel J. 2010. The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health: A Review of Current Literature. American Journal of Public Health 100(2): 254–263.


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