Benefit: Cultural continuity

The main benefit of the nature-related heritage is the cultural continuity. Culture evolves constantly. In recent decades or the past two centuries the speed of cultural evolution has been relatively rapid. The speed of cultural change may induce one to have a look back in the past.

In the 19th century the Finnish national epic Kalevala was gathered from oral tradition performed by the poem singers. Kalevala had and still has a vast influence on developing Finnish identity and cultural uniformity. A large share of Kalevala can be considered as nature-related heritage.

Knowing your roots is a crucial guideline in order to maintain cultural continuity. Many culturally important natural elements have remained unchanged for centuries, even millenniums. These are especially religiously or otherwise significant natural formations such as fells or lakes. There are also many man-built structures remaining in natural settings. Systematic interest towards our nature-related cultural heritage is awakening.


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