Value of nature-related heritage


Social value of nature-related heritage arises from the knowledge of our own history and heritage, and thus cultural continuity. The still existing ritual sites are links between the old mythology and story tradition and the present-day reality.


In this case social value and intrinsic value can be seen as much the same. It can be considered that the sense of cultural continuity and the everlasting existence of heritage sites have an intrinsic value.


The nature-based cultural heritage may have some economic value indirectly through tourism. Visiting nearly all relics is free of charge. Metsähallitus is compiling information on the natural heritage sites in the areas under their administration. The aim is to increase visits in natural heritage sites that are located in conservation areas.


Nature-related heritage can be considered to have some health value especially psychologically. It may increase the sense of meaning and continuity and decrease the feelings of emptiness, loneliness or insignificance.


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