Structure: Preferred natural areas, accessibility


Mires Baltic Sea Inland waters               Function  

Nature-based recreational activities require suitable natural settings. The favorite recreational activities among Finns include walking and cycling. While these do not require any specific structures, some other recreational activities need built structures and maintenance; such as skiing trails, parks or public beaches. Recreational activities vary between seasons.

Most of the outdoor visits are done close to home or summer house. Preferably within a walking distance (68 %) and maximum of 30 minutes distance from home (23 %). Water quality has great role in participation to recreational water activities. Especially improvement of water clarity has been studied to increase the frequency of swimming and fishing.

Forest: Berry and mushroom picking, Hiking, Hunting, Skiing, Orienteering, Camping

Mire: Hiking, Berry picking, Hunting, Bird watching

Inland waters and Baltic Sea: Fishing, Swimming, Boating, Canoeing

Alpine habitats: Hiking

Farmlands: Hunting

Urban areas:

Rocky and esker habitats: Hiking, climbing

Shores: Sunbathing, picnicking



Recreational Use of Forests. The Natural Resources Institute Finland.

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