Structure: Preferred natural areas, accessibility

The most popular destinations in Finland for nature tourism are national parks and Lapland in general. Second home culture is popular way to spend free time and it has strong relation to nature.

There are altogether 39 national parks in Finland that cover nearly 10 000 km2 area. Largest national parks are in Lapland and in South-West coast. The most popular national parks are Pallas-Yllästunturi (514 800 visitors in 2014), Urho Kekkonen (288 600 visitors in 2014) and Nuuksio National Park (285 200 visitors in 2014). Approximately half of the visits are done in National parks that are in Northern Finland. The explaining characteristics of visitor numbers in Finnish national parks have been studied. Nature conditions and tourism services inside the national park and in the surrounding area are important factors. Especially national parks with fells had high visitor numbers and generally there are more tourism services both in and outside the park. The proximity to water and landscape values were identified in some national parks that had quite high visitor numbers. In forest dominated parks the visitor numbers were slightly lower and in mire parks even lower. In mire parks the level of tourism services is low.

In 2012, there were 496 200 summerhouses in Finland. The number has increased steadily since the 1970s. Second home areas are concentrated in the geographical landscape regions of Lake Finland and Southern Finland and Archipelargo. The surrounding physical landscape and individual background affect to the preferences of the second-home location. Second-homes are most often in forest or agricultural environment but water is also an integral element for a second-home location. Most of the trips (95 %) are conducted with private cars and the median distance from home to second-home is 39 kilometers, and the mean disrance 93 kilometers.



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