Value of clean water


The economic value of clean water origins from the value of communal water as well as the avoided costs of extensive water cleansing.


Health value of clean water arises from the safety of using it. Tap water is safe to drink everywhere in Finland. Also the water in private wells is usually uncontaminated. The surface waters inflict more often some health risks. Toxic algal blooms due to eutrophication have become more common both in inland waters and the Baltic Sea. Also some toxic leakages from industrial sector into waterways have occurred in recent years.


Social value of clean water can be seen as the national security of uncontaminated water supply. Water supply network also employs a vast number of citizens.


Intrinsic value of clean water includes many aspects. Uncontaminated waterways support a wide spectrum of species, both aquatic and terrestrial including many migrating bird species. Clean water has been seen as aesthetically valuable. Also the safe use of water for recreation or for vital functions such as drinking can be seen as an intrinsic value.


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