Crops are the outcome of functioning agricultural ecosystems. Crops is also an ecosystem service that requires human input to have abundant crops. In Finland, agriculture has concentrated on the south-western coast where the soil and weather conditions are favorable for cultivation. In 2013, there were 231 000 hectares of arable land in Finland, 9 % of which was under organic farming.

Most of the cultivated grain is grown for meat production. The annual yield has sustained in ca. 3 billion kg per year in 2000s. The grain crops that were cultivated for human consumption resulted in 2013 the crops of barley (ca. 1,9 billion kg), oat (1,2 billion kg), wheat (0,9 billion kg) and rye (26 million kg). The weather conditions and cultivation decisions are reflected to annual yields and variation can be seen in annual statistics. Other significant cultivated plants include potato, sugar beet and rapes (turnip and oilseed).

As an ecosystem service, crops provide economic, social, health and intrinsic value for people. Agriculture is a form of livelihood that currently employs 110 000 people and 56 000 temporal workers in 56 000 farms.

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