Value of crops


Producer prices of plant products have increased in recent years. The producer prices of grains have increased 1.5–2 fold in 2009–2013. The producer price of turnip rape and rape has been the highest, more than 400 € / 1 000 kg since 2011. The producer price of potato is considerably lower, 24 € / 100 kg in 2013 (not shown in the graph). Its trend has been unclear in recent years.



Number of farms has decreased considerably since 1990, for more than 50%. In 2012 there were 59 000 farms in operation. Also the number of employees has decreased. In 2013 there were 110 000 persons working on farms including farmers, their family members and regular labour force. In addition to this, there were 56 000 temporal employees including 15 000 persons belonging to the foreign labour force.


Domestic agriculture can be considered to have a significant health value as producer of safe food products as it is expected to comply with up-to-date food hygiene regulations. The health impacts of agriculture can also be environmental. Fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide quantities as well as animal welfare is monitored on a regular basis.


Finnish agricultural production forms the basis of Finland’s foodstuffs markets and food security, and the country is primarily self-sufficient in terms of agricultural production.


Producer prices of agricultural products. TIKE. Information Centre of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Structure of agricultural and horticultural enterprises. TIKE. Information Centre of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.


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