Structure: Managed forest

Total area under forestry has remained quite stable since the beginning of the 1950s at about 26 million hectares which equals to 86% of the total land area of Finland. Finnish Forest Research Institute has evaluated that about 20 million hectares is productive forest land and the rest (6 million hectares) is either low or unproductive land. The share of productive forest land increased from the 1950s to 1970s due to intensive mire drainage.


About two thirds (17 million hectares) of the land area under forestry is on mineral soils and about one third (9 million hectares) on mires. 5 million hectares are pine mires, 2 million hectares spruce mires and 1.5 million hectares treeless mires. About half of the whole mire area under forestry has been drained.



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Finnish Statistical Yearbooks of Forestry. Finnish Forest Research Institute.

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