Value of wood


Gross stumpage earnings are the income for the forest owners for felled wood. Felling and transportation costs are not included. Gross stumpage earnings increased in the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s. Since the end of the 1990s the average gross stumpage earnings have remained quite stable at about 1 700–1 800 million euros excluding years 2007 when the earnings peaked and 2009 when the earnings were relatively low.



In 2010 forestry employed 25 300 persons, sawmilling industries 8 100, other wood-products industries 19 100 and manufacture of pulp, paper and paperboard 19 300 persons.


Under development.


Intrinsic value and significance of wood production in Finland can be seen in common expressions such as the Finns live from the forest or forests are green gold. The significance of forests is related to Finnish identity and thus the appreciation of wood production may rise even higher than it would be solely  in economic terms.


Finnish Statistical Yearbooks of Forestry. Finnish Forest Research Institute.

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