Structure: Carbon-storing habitats

It is estimated that Finnish forests store 820 million tons of carbon, and are considered as significant carbon sink. Carbon is stored in biomass and dead organic material but soils are effective storing carbon in boreal zone. The estimates on soil carbon vary greatly but its significance in carbon cycle is evident. Estimates vary between 920 -1 100 million tons of carbon in soils.   

The estimates of carbon stored in mires vary between 2 257 - 5 600 million tons. The numbers vary depending wether the drained peatlands are included to calculations. In total, there are 4,5 million hectares of undrained mires and they are merely considered as carbon sources - meaning that they release more than sequester carbon. Nature state aapa mires are the most effective mire type that sequester and store carbon. Peat is used as energy source and extraction and burning diminish the carbon storages of mires.

There are 32 600 km2 of lake area in Finland that also participate in carbon cycle. The estimation is ca. 600 - 650 million tons of carbon stored in lake sediments. However, the CO2 emissions are larger than the sequestration rate.



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