Value of carbon cycle


Economic value of carbon cycle is substantial. It is a vital precondition for all biotic ecosystem services. But because of its wide extent its total economic value is hard to assess.

One economical approach to the valuation of carbon is the carbon emission trading. The emission trade started in 2005 in the European Union, and Finland is a participant in the European Energy Exchange (EEX). Amongst other things, EEX manages CO2 emission allowance trade.


Carbon cycle is the essence of all known life forms. As such it has intrinsic value for humans as it makes our own existence and survival possible. Also the vast global biodiversity dependent on carbon cycle can be considered having intrinsic value.


As the carbon cycle is the precondition for life it can be seen having immeasurable health value. The health value of carbon cycle can be observed also indirectly. Deficiencies in carbon cycle may cause many health risks for humans.

The carbon concentration in the atmosphere has increased because of human actions. This has already led and is furthermore leading the planet to the global climate change. This may have unpredictable consequences to human health, not to mention to the health of other species. Some possible health risks can be, for example, the outcomes of increased temperatures and floods.


If the carbon cycle changes considerably and the global temperatures rise it may lead also to different kinds of social crisis. These may be, for example, the consequences of natural catastrophes such as floods or storms, or the social inequality between the rich and the poor who have very dissimilar possibilities to prepare themselves for the change.  


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