Value of nutrient retention

The value of nutrient retention can be considered, on the one hand, as the value of nutrient rich soils and, on the other, as the value of clean water.


The economic value of nutrient retention can mostly be perceived as avoided costs. Agriculture and forestry require nutrient rich soils in order to obtain the maximum growth potential. Natural nutrient retention decreases the need to fertilize soils.

Nutrient retention improves the water quality and decreases the need to clean raw water. About 39% of the communal water supply is taken from surface waters. Improved water quality decreases the processing intensity and thus saves money.



The social and health value of improved water quality is also considerable. In addition to drinkable water, good water quality also enhances the possibilities to use surface waters safely for example for recreation purposes such as swimming or fishing.


Talousvesi. Vesilaitosyhdistys (VVY). [In Finnish]


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