BS16 Water protection measures

  This is a response (R) indicator. DPSIR = drivers, pressures, state, impact, responses.
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The total length of sewers when compared with the total length of the water pipe network indicates the comprehensiveness of the treatment of municipal waste waters. Households that are connected to the water pipe network, but not to a sewer, normally consume considerable volumes of water, yet their waste waters are not treated in communal sewage treatment plants.

The first communal treatment plants were built in 1910s and the most active phase of building new plants was in the 1970s. Today, practically all population centres have been included within a sewer network. The network has also been extended outside of population centres.

Water protection measures concerning municipal and industrial sewage have been successful. For example, the percentage of phosphorus removed from household sewage at treatment plants increased from 26% in 1971 to 90% in 1990 and further to 95% in 2004. The corresponding figures for nitrogen were 22%, 31% and 49%.



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