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Energy consumption in Finland has increased steeply 1970s onwards: during 1970?2006 the consumption doubled. In 2008 the energy consumption ceased to grow, mainly because of reducing wood and metal industry production. Total energy consumption was 1,39 million terajoules in 2011.

Energy production has diversified during recent decades. In 1970s fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural gas) covered approximately 70 % of all energy consumption, in 2000s the share was less than 50 %.

Consumption of oil has decreased slightly during 1990s and 2000s. At the same time consumption of natural gas increased a lot and coal consumption mildly. Coal and natural gas are mainly used in industry and energy sector to produce electricity and heat.

The use of renewable energy has doubled since 1970. In 2011 the share of renewable energy was 28 % of all energy consumption. The energy use of wood has increased a great deal since 1990 and at the moment nearly 80 % of all renewable energy originates from wood. The biggest wood energy user is the forest industry.

Hydroelectric power production has increased slightly during last two decades. Wind power production was initialized in 1991 and has increased since then, although share of wind power of all energy consumption is very small, about 0,1 %.

First nuclear power plant started operating in 1977 and since then the use of nuclear power has increased steadily. 17 % of all energy consumption is produced by nuclear power.

Peat was started to be used in energy production on a larger scale after 1970s energy crisis. During last 20 years the use of peat energy has somewhat increased, in 2000s its share has varied between 5?7 %.

Net import of electricity is the remainder of electricity export and import. Other energy sources include biogas, waste tip gas and mixed fuels. The share of net import of all energy consumption is 4 % and share of other sources is about 3 %.





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