The indicators of Biodiversity.fi have been classified according to the widely used international DPSIR indicator framework. Use of this framework draws attention to the observed or assumed cause-effect relationships between indicators. It also allows for a more balanced and comprehensive assesment of biodiversity.

At the moment, only pressure, state, impact and response indicators are included in the collection. Indicators on driving forces are somewhat more difficult to develop. These will hopefully be added later on.

You can find the DPSIR logo at the upper right hand corner of each indicator.




It somewhat difficult to delineate between some of the indicator types. This is true especially of the distinction between state and impact inidators. At Biodiversity.fi impact indicators have been defined to tell the story of the most impacted biodiversity: endangered species and habitats as well as species and habitats listed in the EU Habitats and Birds Directives.

For more information on DPSIR framework see: Smeets & Weterings, 1999. Environmental indicators: Typology and overview. Tecnical report No 25. European Environment Agency. http://www.eea.europa.eu/publications/TEC25


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