FA12 Directive farmland species

Directive species refer to the species mentioned in different EU Directives that relate to biodiversity issues. The two most important Directives in this regard are the Habitats and Birds directives which appendices include lists of species which...

The conservation status of species mentioned in the Habitats Directive was evaluated for the first time in 2008...

Birds Directive species have not yet been evaluated with a common methodology across Europe....

Conservation status of Habitats Directive species in 2008

Alpine region
Range Population Habitat Prospects Overall
Woodland Ringlet
Erebia medusa ssp. polaris FV FV FV U1 U1

Boreal region
Range Population Habitat Prospects Overall
European Polecat Mustela putorius FV XX XX XX XX
Marsh Fritillary Euphydryas aurinia  U1 U1 U1 U1 U1
Clouded Apollo Parnassius mnemosyne    FV FV U1 FV U1
Agrimonia Agrimonia pilosa FV U1 U1 U1 U1
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